[Corrigendum] miR‑1299/NOTCH3/TUG1 feedback loop contributes to the malignant proliferation of ovarian cancer

Oncol Rep. 2023 May;49(5):96. doi: 10.3892/or.2023.8533. Epub 2023 Mar 24.


Following the publication of the above article, a concerned reader drew to the authors' attention that the data shown for the 'CAOV3/NC mimics' experiment in Fig. 2D on p. 443 appeared to be the same as that shown for the 'TUG1‑sh+miR‑1299 inhibitors' experiment in Fig. 4H on p. 444. The authors have examined their original data, and realize that the same data was inadvertently included in the two figures. Consequently, the corrected version of Fig. 2, featuring the correct data for the 'CAOV3/NC mimics' experiment in Fig. 2D, is shown opposite. The overall conclusions of this study were not affected by this error. All the authors agree to the publication of this corrigendum, and are grateful to the Editor of Oncology Reports for allowing them the opportunity to publish this; furthermore, they apologize to the readership for any inconvenience caused. [Oncology Reports 44: 438-448, 2020; DOI: 10.3892/or.2020.7623].

Keywords: NOTCH3; TUG1; ceRNA; cell proliferation; miR‑1299; ovarian cancer.

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  • Published Erratum