CCNE1 is a predictive and immunotherapeutic indicator in various cancers including UCEC: a pan-cancer analysis

Hereditas. 2023 Mar 24;160(1):13. doi: 10.1186/s41065-023-00273-0.


Background: CCNE1 plays an important oncogenic role in several tumors, especially high-stage serous ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Nevertheless, the fundamental function of CCNE1 has not been explored in multiple cancers. Therefore, bioinformatics analyses of pan-cancer datasets were carried out to explore how CCNE1 regulates tumorigenesis.

Methods: A variety of online tools and cancer databases, including GEPIA2, SangerBox, LinkedOmics and cBioPortal, were applied to investigate the expression of CCNE1 across cancers. The pan-cancer datasets were used to search for links between CCNE1 expression and prognosis, DNA methylation, m6A level, genetic alterations, CCNE1-related genes, and tumor immunity. We verified that CCNE1 has biological functions in UCEC cell lines using CCK-8, EdU, and Transwell assays.

Results: In patients with different tumor types, a high mRNA expression level of CCNE1 was related to a poor prognosis. Genes related to CCNE1 were connected to the cell cycle, metabolism, and DNA damage repair, according to GO and KEGG enrichment analyses. Genetic alterations of CCNE1, including duplications and deep mutations, have been observed in various cancers. Immune analysis revealed that CCNE1 had a strong correlation with TMB, MSI, neoantigen, and ICP in a variety of tumor types, and this correlation may have an impact on the sensitivity of various cancers to immunotherapy. CCK-8, EdU and Transwell assays suggested that CCNE1 knockdown can suppress UCEC cell proliferation, migration and invasion.

Conclusion: Our study demonstrated that CCNE1 is upregulated in multiple cancers in the TCGA database and may be a promising predictive biomarker for the immunotherapy response in some types of cancers. Moreover, CCNE1 knockdown can suppress the proliferation, migration and invasion of UCEC cells.

Keywords: CCNE1; Immune; Pancancer; Prognosis; UCEC.

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