Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma developing in surgical scars post cardiac surgery: A case study

SAGE Open Med Case Rep. 2023 Mar 21;11:2050313X231161444. doi: 10.1177/2050313X231161444. eCollection 2023.


Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas are a class of non-Hodgkin lymphomas characterized by the infiltration of malignant T cells into the skin. Their precise pathogenesis remains incompletely understood, but persistent and specific antigen stimulation of skin-homing CD4+ memory T cells by external or internal factors, combined with an inflammatory cytokine-rich tissue microenvironment, may be critical in the development of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas. We present herein a case of primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma arising in two surgical scars that developed 6 months post-operatively and were successfully treated with external beam radiotherapy. This case highlights the notion that primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma can develop locally at the site of injury/foreign body within a relatively short time post trauma/surgery. This work contributes to the literature of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas arising after a trauma, surgery, or a foreign body.

Keywords: Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; post-operative; post-surgical; scar; surgery.

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  • Case Reports