Micro Spectrometers Based on Materials Nanoarchitectonics

Materials (Basel). 2023 Mar 10;16(6):2253. doi: 10.3390/ma16062253.


Spectral analysis is an important tool that is widely used in scientific research and industry. Although the performance of benchtop spectrometers is very high, miniaturization and portability are more important indicators in some applications, such as on-site detection and real-time monitoring. Since the 1990s, micro spectrometers have emerged and developed. Meanwhile, with the development of nanotechnology, nanomaterials have been applied in the design of various micro spectrometers in recent years, further reducing the size of the spectrometers. In this paper, we review the research progress of micro spectrometers based on nanomaterials. We also discuss the main limitations and perspectives on micro spectrometers.

Keywords: micro spectrometers; nanoarchitectonics; nanomaterials; spectral analysis.

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  • Review