Application of Biomass Materials in Zinc-Ion Batteries

Molecules. 2023 Mar 7;28(6):2436. doi: 10.3390/molecules28062436.


Currently, aqueous zinc-ion batteries, with large reserves of zinc metal and maturity of production, are a promising alternative to sustainable energy storage. Nevertheless, aqueous solution has poor frost resistance and is prone to side reactions. In addition, zinc dendrites also limit the performance of zinc-ion batteries. Biomass, with complex molecular structure and abundant functional groups, makes it have great application prospects. In this review, the research progress of biomass and its derived materials used in zinc-ion batteries are reviewed. The different regulation strategies and characteristics of biomass used in zinc-ion battery electrodes, electrolyte separators and binders are demonstrated. The regulation mechanism is analyzed. At the end, the development prospect and challenges of biomass in energy materials application are proposed.

Keywords: binder; biomass; electrode; electrolyte; separator; zinc-ion battery.

Publication types

  • Review