Functional crosstalk between chromatin and hypoxia signalling

Cell Signal. 2023 Jun:106:110660. doi: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2023.110660. Epub 2023 Mar 27.


Eukaryotic genomes are organised in a structure called chromatin, comprising of DNA and histone proteins. Chromatin is thus a fundamental regulator of gene expression, as it offers storage and protection but also controls accessibility to DNA. Sensing and responding to reductions in oxygen availability (hypoxia) have recognised importance in both physiological and pathological processes in multicellular organisms. One of the main mechanisms controlling these responses is control of gene expression. Recent findings in the field of hypoxia have highlighted how oxygen and chromatin are intricately linked. This review will focus on mechanisms controlling chromatin in hypoxia, including chromatin regulators such as histone modifications and chromatin remodellers. It will also highlight how these are integrated with hypoxia inducible factors and the knowledge gaps that persist.

Keywords: Acetylation; Chromatin; Chromatin remodellers; HAT; HDAC; HIF; HMT; Hypoxia; KDM; Methylation.

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