A Comprehensive Enumeration of the Human Proteostasis Network. 2. Components of the Autophagy-Lysosome Pathway

bioRxiv [Preprint]. 2023 Mar 24:2023.03.22.533675. doi: 10.1101/2023.03.22.533675.


The condition of having a healthy, functional proteome is known as protein homeostasis, or proteostasis. Establishing and maintaining proteostasis is the province of the proteostasis network, approximately 2,700 components that regulate protein synthesis, folding, localization, and degradation. The proteostasis network is a fundamental entity in biology that is essential for cellular health and has direct relevance to many diseases of protein conformation. However, it is not well defined or annotated, which hinders its functional characterization in health and disease. In this series of manuscripts, we aim to operationally define the human proteostasis network by providing a comprehensive, annotated list of its components. We provided in a previous manuscript a list of chaperones and folding enzymes as well as the components that make up the machineries for protein synthesis, protein trafficking into and out of organelles, and organelle-specific degradation pathways. Here, we provide a curated list of 838 unique high-confidence components of the autophagy-lysosome pathway, one of the two major protein degradation systems in human cells.

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