Sotorasib as First-Line Treatment for Advanced KRAS G12C-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma: A Case Report

Case Rep Oncol. 2023 Mar 30;16(1):177-181. doi: 10.1159/000529828. eCollection 2023 Jan-Dec.


Mutations in the KRAS gene are the most common gain-of-function mutations found in lung adenocarcinomas. The most common mutation, KRAS G12C, is present in 13% of lung adenocarcinomas. Sotorasib (AMG-510) is an irreversible small molecule inhibitor targeting KRAS G12C. In preclinical studies, treatment with sotorasib led to the regression of KRAS G12C-mutated tumors, and clinical efficacy in NSCLC was demonstrated in clinical trials. In May 2021, sotorasib received US FDA approval for treatment of KRAS G12C-mutated locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC who have received at least one prior systemic therapy. In this report, we present a case with metastatic, KRAS G12C-mutated NSCLC who responded favorably to sotorasib as first-line therapy. The efficacy of sotorasib as first-line treatment in this patient was remarkable, which supports further study of sotorasib as first-line therapy for KRAS G12C-mutated NSCLC, especially in fragile patients with comorbidities.

Keywords: First-line treatment; Lung cancer; Performance status 2; Sotorasib; Targeted therapy.

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