The ALOG family members OsG1L1 and OsG1L2 regulate inflorescence branching in rice

Plant J. 2023 Jul;115(2):351-368. doi: 10.1111/tpj.16229. Epub 2023 Apr 21.


The architecture of the rice inflorescence is an important determinant of crop yield. The length of the inflorescence and the number of branches are among the key factors determining the number of spikelets, and thus grains, that a plant will develop. In particular, the timing of the identity transition from indeterminate branch meristem to determinate spikelet meristem governs the complexity of the inflorescence. In this context, the ALOG gene TAWAWA1 (TAW1) has been shown to delay the transition to determinate spikelet development in Oryza sativa (rice). Recently, by combining precise laser microdissection of inflorescence meristems with RNA-seq, we observed that two ALOG genes, OsG1-like 1 (OsG1L1) and OsG1L2, have expression profiles similar to that of TAW1. Here, we report that osg1l1 and osg1l2 loss-of-function CRISPR mutants have similar phenotypes to the phenotype of the previously published taw1 mutant, suggesting that these genes might act on related pathways during inflorescence development. Transcriptome analysis of the osg1l2 mutant suggested interactions of OsG1L2 with other known inflorescence architecture regulators and the data sets were used for the construction of a gene regulatory network (GRN), proposing interactions among genes potentially involved in controlling inflorescence development in rice. In this GRN, we selected the homeodomain-leucine zipper transcription factor encoding the gene OsHOX14 for further characterization. The spatiotemporal expression profiling and phenotypical analysis of CRISPR loss-of-function mutants of OsHOX14 suggests that the proposed GRN indeed serves as a valuable resource for the identification of new proteins involved in rice inflorescence development.

Keywords: ALOG; CRISPR mutants; Oryza sativa; gene regulatory network; inflorescence architecture; meristem identity; transcription factor; transcriptome analysis.

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