An investigation into the Brønsted acidity of the perfluorinated alkoxy silanes {(F3C)3CO}3SiH and {(F6C5)3CO}2Si(Cl)H

Dalton Trans. 2023 May 9;52(18):5918-5925. doi: 10.1039/d3dt00299c.


The perfluorinated alkoxy silanes {(F3C)3CO}3SiH (1) and {(F5C6)3CO}2Si(Cl)H (2) were prepared and fully characterized. Despite the high calculated Brønsted acidities, all attempts to deprotonate 1 and 2 to give the conjugate silanide ions failed due to the exceptionally short and strong Si-H bonds. In the solid state, the Si-H units are not involved in any intermolecular interactions, but instead the crystal packing consists of exceptionally short and strong F⋯F interactions. The cohesive energies are entirely comprised of London dispersion interactions, similarly as in the crystal structures of noble gases.