Changes in serum basic fibroblast growth factor concentration following intracordal injection

Laryngoscope Investig Otolaryngol. 2023 Feb 21;8(2):478-487. doi: 10.1002/lio2.1022. eCollection 2023 Apr.


Objective: Although many studies have reported improvements in voice outcomes with intracordal trafermin injection, there is a lack of data documenting its changes in serum basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) blood concentration. This study examined whether serum bFGF concentrations change after intracordal trafermin injection.

Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at Tokyo Voice Center. We investigated serum bFGF concentrations before and after injection in 40 patients who underwent intracordal trafermin injection. There were 26 males and 14 females, with an age ranging from 13 to 88 years (average 53.25 years). They were diagnosed with paralysis (15 patients), atrophy (15 patients), sulcus (8 patients), and others (2 patients: scar and functional), presenting with severe hoarseness that interfered with daily life.

Results: The mean pre- and post-injective serum bFGF concentration of the 40 patients was 6.689 and 4.658 pg/mL, respectively. The difference in mean serum bFGF concentration between pre- and post-injective was -2.031 pg/mL. The Pearson correlation coefficient was calculated to evaluate the correlation between dosage of trafermin and post-injective serum bFGF concentration, and a moderate correlation was found at r = 0.52. Generalized linear model regression analysis was performed for the purpose of adjusting for confounding among variables. The only variable that showed a statistically predominant association with post-injective serum bFGF concentrations was the dosage of trafermin, with an estimated regression coefficient of 0.048.

Conclusion: In this study, the dosage of trafermin we injected and post-injective serum bFGF concentrations were dose-dependent but the amount of changes in the serum bFGF concentration was negligible within the physiological range. Therefore, as with subcutaneous and wound administration, intracordal trafermin injections may be safe.

Level of evidence: Level IV.

Keywords: basic fibroblast growth factor; intracordal injection; trafermin; vocal fold atrophy.