The design of an energy plant and artificial intelligence-based optimization for pasteurization with the least amount of carbon emissions based on animal waste

Chemosphere. 2023 Aug:333:138845. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2023.138845. Epub 2023 May 6.


It has been known for a very long time that chemical energy may be converted into electrical energy by using biomass, considered a renewable energy source. In the study that is being presented here, an explanation and a presentation are offered on a one-of-a-kind hybrid system that generates dependable power and cooling by harnessing the chemical energy of biomass. An anaerobic digester takes in organic material and converts it into biomass by using the high-energy content of cow manure as fuel. The Rankin cycle is the primary engine that drives the system that produces energy, and its combustion-based byproducts are routed to an ammonia absorption refrigeration system in order to provide sufficient cooling for the process of pasteurizing and drying the milk. It is expected that solar panels might contribute to the production of sufficient amounts of power for necessary activities. The technical and financial facets of the system are both being investigated at the moment. In addition, the optimal working conditions are determined by employing a forward-thinking multi-objective optimization strategy. This method simultaneously raises the operational effectiveness to the greatest extent that is practically possible while simultaneously lowering both expenses and emissions. The findings indicate that under ideal conditions, the levelized cost of the product (LCOP), efficiency, and emission of the system are, respectively, 0.087 $/kWh, 38.2%, and 0.249 kg/kWh. The digester and the combustion chamber both have very high exergy destruction rates, with the digester having the highest rate and the combustion chamber having the second-highest rate among all of the system's components. This assertion is supported by every one of these components.

Keywords: Digestion; Milk-pasteurization; Multicriteria optimization; PVT panels; Solar power.

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