Development and Evaluation of a Turkish Scale to Assess Medication Literacy for Adults

Turk J Pharm Sci. 2023 May 9;20(2):84-90. doi: 10.4274/tjps.galenos.2022.07277.


Objectives: This study aimed to develop a Turkish scale to assess medication literacy and to evaluate its psychometric properties among adults having at least 12 years of education in Türkiye.

Materials and methods: After the composition of a preliminary set of items, the content validity of the scale was assessed by an e-Delphi process and a pilot study. The psychometric properties of the scale were evaluated in 358 participants, who had above 12 years of education: university students, academics and, administrative staff from two faculties (pharmacy and law) in two universities located in two major cities (İstanbul and Ankara) in Türkiye between March and May, 2021. The test-retest validity was assessed by Spearman's rho and Wilcoxon test. Internal consistency was evaluated by Kuder Richardson 20. Principal component analysis was conducted.

Results: The last version of the medication literacy scale consisted of 8 items. There was a positive correlation (Spearman's rho: 0.570; p<0.01) and no significant difference (p=0.308) between the scores of the scale at baseline and after a two-week interval. Kuder Richardson 20 coefficient was 0.659. Students and graduates of health sciences and participants with high reading ability of health-related information had significantly higher scores on the medication literacy scale (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Turkish version of the Medication Literacy Scale for Adults is a valid tool for evaluate medication literacy among adults, who have above 12 years of education in Türkiye. The generalizability of our findings should be evaluated with caution since this study was conducted in a sample with a significant representation from healthcare professionals. It would be useful to conduct further studies evaluating the psychometric properties of this scale in participants with diverse characteristics.

Keywords: Medication literacy; clinical pharmacy; health literacy; measure; scale; validation.