Ferroelectricity and Oxide Reliability of Stacked Hafnium-Zirconium Oxide Devices

Materials (Basel). 2023 Apr 23;16(9):3306. doi: 10.3390/ma16093306.


In this work, we investigate the ferroelectricity of stacked zirconium oxide and hafnium oxide (stacked HfZrO) with different thickness ratios under metal gate stress and simultaneously evaluate the electrical reliability of stacked ferroelectric films. Based on experimental results, we find that the stacked HfZrO films not only exhibited excellent ferroelectricity but also demonstrated a high performance on reliability. The optimized condition of the 45% Zr proportion exhibited a robust ferroelectric polarization value of 32.57 μC/cm2, and a polarization current with a peak value of 159.98 μA. Besides this, the ferroelectric stacked HfZrO also demonstrated good reliability with a ten-year lifetime under >-2 V constant voltage stress. Therefore, the appropriate modulation of zirconium proportion in stacked HfZrO showed great promise for integrating in high-performance ferroelectric memory.

Keywords: HfZrO; ferroelectric; hysteresis loop; reliability.