Quantum Secure Multi-Party Summation Using Single Photons

Entropy (Basel). 2023 Mar 30;25(4):590. doi: 10.3390/e25040590.


In this paper, we propose a secure multi-party summation based on single photons. With the help of a semi-honest third party, n participants can simultaneously obtain the summation result without revealing their secret inputs. Our protocol uses single photon states as the information carriers. In addition, each participant with secret input only performs simple single-particle operators rather than particle preparation and any complex quantum measurements. These features make our protocol more feasible to implement. We demonstrate the correctness and security of the proposed protocol, which is resistant to participant attack and outside attack. In the end, we compare in detail the performance of the quantum summation protocol in this paper with other schemes in terms of different indicators. By comparison, our protocol is efficient and easy to implement.

Keywords: quantum computing; quantum cryptography; quantum secure multi-party summation.