Brownfields in Romania and the United States: A Visual Tour

J Environ Health. 2022 Dec;85(5):28-38.


This third article in a series of three on land reuse describes brownfield sites in Romania and the U.S. In 2018 and 2019, four of the authors toured brownfield areas in Romania (including Bucharest, southern Transylvania, and Oradea) and the U.S. (Southeast Missouri [called the Missouri Bootheel], Northern Arizona and Navajo Nation, and Northwest Indiana). We were interested in similarities and differences among brownfields in various urban and rural settings in both countries. This article describes these sites through a visual perspective as well as site characteristics and commonalities. Ultimately, potentially contaminated or land reuse sites such as brownfields are common in many parts of the world. We hope to advance the understanding of brownfields and site transformation options through our collaboration.