DrugMechDB: A Curated Database of Drug Mechanisms

bioRxiv. 2023 May 3;2023.05.01.538993. doi: 10.1101/2023.05.01.538993. Preprint


Computational drug repositioning methods have emerged as an attractive and effective solution to find new candidates for existing therapies, reducing the time and cost of drug development. Repositioning methods based on biomedical knowledge graphs typically offer useful supporting biological evidence. This evidence is based on reasoning chains or subgraphs that connect a drug to disease predictions. However, there are no databases of drug mechanisms that can be used to train and evaluate such methods. Here, we introduce the Drug Mechanism Database (DrugMechDB), a manually curated database that describes drug mechanisms as paths through a knowledge graph. DrugMechDB integrates a diverse range of authoritative free-text resources to describe 4,583 drug indications with 32,249 relationships, representing 14 major biological scales. DrugMechDB can be employed as a benchmark dataset for assessing computational drug repurposing models or as a valuable resource for training such models.

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