Marsupellabrasiliensis sp. nov. (Gymnomitriaceae, Marchantiophyta) from Brazil - the distribution of sect. Stolonicaulon in Neotropics is now confirmed

PhytoKeys. 2023 May 12:226:65-77. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.226.103975. eCollection 2023.


The specimen previously identified as Marsupellamicrophylla from Brazil is reassessed and described as a new species, M.brasiliensis. The new species is characterized by paroicous inflorescence, bispiral elaters, scale-like, commonly unlobed leaves and very small leaf cells. Descriptions and drawings are provided along with a corresponding discussion of the morphological peculiarity of the new species. Marsupellabrasiliensis belongs to sect. Stolonicaulon, and the distribution of Marsupellasect.Stolonicaulon in the New World is confirmed. The infrageneric position of M.microphylla remains unresolved, and whether it belongs to the same section is still unclear.

Keywords: Distribution patterns; Latin America; Marchantiophyta; Marsupella; endemics; molecular-genetic.

Grants and funding

The work of V.A.B. and Y.D.M. is within the frame of the institutional research project “Cryptogamic Biota of Pacific Asia” (no. 122040800088-5). The work of S.S.C. was supported by the Korean National Institute of Ecology, grant number NIE-A-2023-01.