Assessing the Design of Interactive Radial Data Visualizations for Mobile Devices

J Imaging. 2023 May 14;9(5):100. doi: 10.3390/jimaging9050100.


The growing use of mobile devices in daily life has led to an increased demand for the display of large amounts of data. In response, radial visualizations have emerged as a popular type of visualization in mobile applications due to their visual appeal. However, previous research has highlighted issues with these visualizations, namely misinterpretation due to their column length and angles. This study aims to provide guidelines for designing interactive visualizations on mobile devices and new evaluation methods based on the results of an empirical study. The perception of four types of circular visualizations on mobile devices was assessed through user interaction. All four types of circular visualizations were found to be suitable for use within mobile activity tracking applications, with no statistically significant difference in responses by type of visualization or interaction. However, distinguishing characteristics of each visualization type were revealed depending on the category that is in focus (memorability, readability, understanding, enjoyment, and engagement). The research outcomes provide guidelines for designing interactive radial visualizations on mobile devices, enhance the user experience, and introduce new evaluation methods. The study's results have significant implications for the design of visualizations on mobile devices, particularly in activity tracking applications.

Keywords: data visualization; design; graphical user interface; interaction; mobile visualization; perception.

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This research received no external funding.