Diagnosing Melanomas in Dermoscopy Images Using Deep Learning

Diagnostics (Basel). 2023 May 22;13(10):1815. doi: 10.3390/diagnostics13101815.


When it comes to skin tumors and cancers, melanoma ranks among the most prevalent and deadly. With the advancement of deep learning and computer vision, it is now possible to quickly and accurately determine whether or not a patient has malignancy. This is significant since a prompt identification greatly decreases the likelihood of a fatal outcome. Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve healthcare in many ways, including melanoma diagnosis. In a nutshell, this research employed an Inception-V3 and InceptionResnet-V2 strategy for melanoma recognition. The feature extraction layers that were previously frozen were fine-tuned after the newly added top layers were trained. This study used data from the HAM10000 dataset, which included an unrepresentative sample of seven different forms of skin cancer. To fix the discrepancy, we utilized data augmentation. The proposed models outperformed the results of the previous investigation with an effectiveness of 0.89 for Inception-V3 and 0.91 for InceptionResnet-V2.

Keywords: Inception-V3; InceptionResnet-V2; artificial intelligence; deep learning; diagnostics; melanoma.