Peripheral Nerve Stimulation With a High-Frequency Electromagnetic Coupled Powered Implanted Receiver at the Posterior Tibial Nerve for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in the Foot

Neuromodulation. 2023 May 27;S1094-7159(23)00622-0. doi: 10.1016/j.neurom.2023.04.469. Online ahead of print.


Introduction: Peripheral neuropathy has several causes, with diabetes being the most common. Conservative management may fail to control pain. Our study aimed at evaluating the use of peripheral nerve stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve for treating peripheral neuropathy.

Materials and methods: This was an observational study of 15 patients who received peripheral nerve stimulation at the posterior tibial nerve to treat peripheral neuropathy. Outcomes measured were improvement of pain scores and Patient Global Impression of Change (PGIC) at 12 months compared with before the implant.

Results: Mean pain scores with the verbal rating scale were 3 ± 1.8 at >12 months compared with 8.6 ± 1.2 at baseline, a reduction of 65% (p < 0.001). Median satisfaction with the PGIC at >12 months was 7 of 7, with most subjects reporting a 6 (better) or a 7 (a great deal better).

Conclusion: Peripheral nerve stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve can be a safe and effective modality for treating chronic pain symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy of the foot.

Keywords: Diabetic neuropathy; idiopathic peripheral neuropathy; peripheral nerve stimulation; peripheral neuropathy; posterior tibial nerve.