Analysis of Notch1 signaling in mammalian sperm development

BMC Res Notes. 2023 Jun 19;16(1):108. doi: 10.1186/s13104-023-06378-z.


Objective: A mammalian Delta-Notch signaling component, Notch1, has been suggested for its expression during the normal sperm development although its conditional deletion caused no apparent abnormalities. Since we established our original transgenic mouse system that enabled labeling of past and ongoing Notch1 signaling at a cellular level, we tried to validate that observation in vivo. Our transgenic mouse system used Cre/loxP system to induce tandem dsRed expression upon Notch1 signaling.

Results: To our surprise, we were unable to observe tandem dsRed expression in the seminiferous tubules where the sperms developed. In addition, tandem dsRed expression was lacking in the somatic cells of the next generation in our transgenic mouse system, suggesting that sperms received no Notch1 signaling during their development. To validate this result, we conducted re-analysis of four single-cell RNA-seq datasets from mouse and human testes and showed that Notch1 expression was little in the sperm cell lineage. Collectively, our results posed a question into the involvement of Notch1 in the normal sperm development although this observation may help the interpretation of the previous result that Notch1 conditional deletion caused no apparent abnormalities in murine spermatogenesis.

Keywords: Cre/loxP system; Delta-Notch signaling pathway; Gal4/UAS system; Single-cell RNA-seq; Transgenic mouse.

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