Compositional Variations between Adult and Infant Skin Microbiome: An Update

Microorganisms. 2023 Jun 2;11(6):1484. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms11061484.


Human skin and its commensal microbiome form the first layer of protection to the outside world. A dynamic microbial ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses, with the potential to respond to external insult, the skin microbiome has been shown to evolve over the life course with an alteration in taxonomic composition responding to altered microenvironmental conditions on human skin. This work sought to investigate the taxonomic, diversity and functional differences between infant and adult leg skin microbiomes. A 16S rRNA gene-based metataxonomic analysis revealed significant differences between the infant and adult skin groups, highlighting differential microbiome profiles at both the genus and species level. Diversity analysis reveals differences in the overall community structure and associated differential predicted functional profiles between the infant and adult skin microbiome suggest differing metabolic processes are present between the groups. These data add to the available information on the dynamic nature of skin microbiome during the life course and highlight the predicted differential microbial metabolic process that exists on infant and adult skin, which may have an impact on the future design and use of cosmetic products that are produced to work in consort with the skin microbiome.

Keywords: adult; function; infant; microbiome; networks; skin.