LC-MS/MS analysis of erythrocyte phosphatidylethanol in haematocrit-corrected whole blood versus isolated erythrocytes: Results of an inter-laboratory comparison

Drug Test Anal. 2024 Mar;16(3):251-258. doi: 10.1002/dta.3537. Epub 2023 Jul 4.


Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) is a non-oxidative metabolite of alcohol (ethanol), which is a sensitive and specific indicator of historic ethanol consumption. Although PEth production from ethanol is catalysed by the ubiquitous enzyme phospholipase D, it resides mainly within the erythrocyte compartment of the blood. PEth analysis has been reported in different preparations of whole blood, representing one of the barriers of inter-laboratory comparisons. We previously reported that expressing PEth concentrations in terms of blood erythrocyte content is more sensitive than whole blood volume, and haematocrit-corrected liquid whole blood calculations of erythrocyte PEth and isolated erythrocyte PEth concentrations are comparable when assayed under identical analytical conditions. Acceptance of a clinical diagnostic assay by accreditation bodies requires proficiency testing with a third-party analytical facility. To explore different blood preparations within the same inter-laboratory program, 60 matched isolated erythrocyte or liquid whole blood specimens were tested at three laboratories. Laboratories measured PEth by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), two using isolated erythrocytes, while the third used liquid whole blood, which underwent haematocrit correction before comparison with isolated erythrocyte PEth concentrations. There was acceptable consensus (87%) among laboratories to detect PEth around a cut-off of 35 μg/L of erythrocytes. Each laboratory correlated well with the group average PEth concentration (R > 0.98) for each specimen above the cut-off. Differences were observed between laboratories in bias, which did not affect comparable sensitivity at the selected cut-off. This work demonstrates the feasibility of an inter-laboratory comparison for erythrocyte PEth analysis across different LC-MS/MS methodologies and different blood preparations.

Keywords: LC-MS/MS; PEth; Phosphatidylethanol; alcohol; inter-laboratory comparison.

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