Integrated multi-omics analyses of microbial communities: a review of the current state and future directions

Mol Omics. 2023 Sep 25;19(8):607-623. doi: 10.1039/d3mo00089c.


Integrated multi-omics analyses of microbiomes have become increasingly common in recent years as the emerging omics technologies provide an unprecedented opportunity to better understand the structural and functional properties of microbial communities. Consequently, there is a growing need for and interest in the concepts, approaches, considerations, and available tools for investigating diverse environmental and host-associated microbial communities in an integrative manner. In this review, we first provide a general overview of each omics analysis type, including a brief history, typical workflow, primary applications, strengths, and limitations. Then, we inform on both experimental design and bioinformatics analysis considerations in integrated multi-omics analyses, elaborate on the current approaches and commonly used tools, and highlight the current challenges. Finally, we discuss the expected key advances, emerging trends, potential implications on various fields from human health to biotechnology, and future directions.

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