System dynamics monitoring using PIC micro-controller-based PLSE

Chaos. 2023 Jul 1;33(7):073118. doi: 10.1063/5.0136234.


The permutation largest slope entropy (PLSE) algorithm has been shown to be effective to distinguish between regular and non-regular dynamics from time series analysis. However, as it is the case for many non-linear time series analysis algorithms, such a characterization is locally made and does not allow one to capture some micro-phenomena, such as intermittency, that may occur in the system behavior. This paper presents a PIC micro-controller based implementation of the PLSE for a real-time monitoring of system dynamics. The PLSE algorithm is optimized to fit the program and data memory of low-end processors using the XC8 compiler and the MPLAB X IDE. The resulting algorithm is implemented on the PIC16F18446 and deployed on the Explorer 8 development board. The effectiveness of the developed tool is validated by considering an electrical circuit of the Duffing oscillator that can generate both periodic and chaotic dynamics. By comparing the PLSE values with the phase portraits and previous results on the Duffing oscillator circuit, the developed tool efficiently allows one to monitor the behavior of dynamical systems.

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