Endodontic Flare-Ups: An Update

Cureus. 2023 Jul 6;15(7):e41438. doi: 10.7759/cureus.41438. eCollection 2023 Jul.


Root canal treatment deals with mechanical and chemical cleaning followed by obturation that promotes healing and repair of periradicular tissues. Flare-ups can occur in between or some days after endodontic therapy leading to unscheduled visit by the patient. This complication is characterized by severe pain and/ or swelling. There is a correlation between number of appointments, intracanal medicament used and flare-ups. However, there is no sure procedure that can avoid this complication. Therefore, this review article has discussed about causes and some procedures to prevent and treat flare-ups.

Keywords: acute exacerbations; flare-up; multi-visit; pain; root canal treatment; single-visit.

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  • Review