Butylphthalide regulation of nerve cells in rats with cerebral infarction through jnk/p38mapk signaling pathway

Pak J Pharm Sci. 2023 Jul;36(4(Special)):1367-1373.


To investigate the regulatory effect of n-butylphthalide (NBP) on the nerve cells of rats with cerebral infarction (CI) through the JNK/p38MAPK signaling pathway, 135 SPF SD male rats were and randomly assigned into the control group (n=45, sham surgery + peanut oil gavage), model group (n=45, CI model + peanut oil gavage), and NBP group (n= 45, CI model + NBP gavage). The comparison of the neurological function score between the model group and the NBP group, as well as the integrated locomotor ability score, Slit2 expression level, blood-brain barrier permeability, micro vessel density (MVD), CI volume, neuronal apoptosis rate of the brain tissue and expression levels of brain tissue p-JNK and p-p38MAPK protein among three groups was conducted. NBP inhibits the expression of JNK/p38MAPK signaling pathway, promotes the expression of Slit2 in CI rats, improves the neurological function and locomotor ability of CI rats, while promoting micro vascularization of the brain tissue, protecting the blood-brain barrier, reducing the volume of CI and the apoptosis of nerve cells.

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