Wireless Sensor Network-Based Rockfall and Landslide Monitoring Systems: A Review

Sensors (Basel). 2023 Aug 20;23(16):7278. doi: 10.3390/s23167278.


Rockfalls and landslide events are caused by different factors among which are included geomorphological and climatic factors and also human interaction. Therefore, the economic and social impacts can be significant and the remote monitoring of such hazards has become an essential topic in various applications. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are well suited for the deployment of monitoring systems, benefiting from the different technologies and topologies that are available and evolving nowadays. This review paper aims to summarize and overview the up-to-date state of the art of rockfall and landslide monitoring systems based on WSNs. The implementation and methods were analyzed for each solution, along with the system architecture and relevant hardware aspects. All the retrieved data were used to analyze the current trends and future possibilities in the field of WSN geohazard monitoring.

Keywords: IoT; geohazard; landslide monitoring; risk assessment; rockfall monitoring; sensors; wireless sensor network.

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This research received no external funding.