The relationship between dysfunctional attitudes, maladaptive perfectionism, metacognition and symptoms of mania and depression in bipolar disorder: The role of self-compassion as a mediating factor

J Affect Disord. 2023 Nov 15:341:265-274. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2023.08.117. Epub 2023 Aug 24.


Background: Maladaptive cognitions appear to be associated with the severity of mood symptoms in bipolar disorder (BD), but findings are mixed and generally cross-sectional in design.

Method: This study (n = 331) explored the associations between maladaptive cognitions and mood symptoms in BD over time (3 months), and the potential mediating effect of self-compassion cross-sectionally. Dysfunctional attitudes, maladaptive perfectionism and maladaptive metacognitions were explored separately with depressive and manic symptoms, and with current mood state in BD.

Results: The results showed maladaptive metacognitions to be the only significant predictor of depression at 3-month follow-up (β = 0.31, p < .001), with no relationship to mania over time. Cross-sectionally, self-compassion partially mediated the relationship between all maladaptive cognitions and depression, with higher dysfunctional cognitions and lower self-compassion predicting increased severity of depressive symptoms. Only the relationship between dysfunctional attitudes and mania was partially mediated by self-compassion, however, the relationship was weak and suggestive that higher self-compassion predicted increased mania.

Limitations: The study duration limited the possible analysis. Future longitudinal research is needed. Also, the study sample was not representative of the clinical population, making results less generalisable. Additionally, limited significant findings regarding manic symptoms supports the need for further research into active cognitions during this phase of BD.

Conclusions: Maladaptive metacognitions were predictive of future depression severity, therefore, further exploration of metacognitive therapy for BD should be explored. Furthermore, self-compassion was shown to partially mediate the relationship between negative cognitions and mood, therefore further exploration of compassion-based therapies for BD is needed.

Keywords: Bipolar; Metacognition; Mood; Perfectionism; Self-compassion.

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