Energy communities: engaging people and technologies in the future of energy

Open Res Eur. 2022 Dec 12:2:137. doi: 10.12688/openreseurope.15242.1. eCollection 2022.


This is a summary of the clustering workshop at the Sustainable Places 2022 conference. The H2020 funded projects LIGHTNESS, HESTIA, LocalRES and CREATORS came together to shed light on the importance of engaging people and unlocking the potential of technologies to promote energy communities and meet the EU's ambition of a joint net-zero emission of greenhouse gases by the year 2050. To ensure a people-centric, sustainable, just, and innovative energy future, citizens and experts must be brought into dialogue to co-design new ways of organising around energy.

Keywords: Citizens; energy communities; people; technology; energy..

Grants and funding

This research was financially supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 953020 (market uptake of citizen energy communities enabLing a hIGH peneTratioN of renewable Energy SourceS [LIGHTNESS]), 957823 (Holistic dEmand response Services for European residenTIAl communities [HESTIA]), 957819 (Empowering local renewable energy communities for the decarbonisation of the energy systems [LocalRES]) and 957815 (CREATing cOmmunity eneRgy Systems [CREATORS]).