Towards high photoresponse of perovskite nanowire/copper phthalocyanine heterostructured photodetector

Nanotechnology. 2023 Sep 18;34(49). doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/acf502.


One-dimensional nanowire structures composed of perovskite are widely recognized for their exceptional optoelectronic performance and mechanical properties, making them a popular area of investigation in photodetection research. In this work, a perovskite nanowire/copper phthalocyanine heterojunction-based photodetector was fabricated, which exhibits high photoresponse in the visible-near-infrared region. The incorporation of a heterojunction significantly enhanced the photoelectric performance. Specifically, the photoresponsivity and external quantum efficiency of the nanowire-based device were elevated from 58.5 A W-1and 1.35 × 104% to 84.5 A W-1and 1.97 × 104% at 532 nm, respectively. The enhanced photoresponse of the heterojunction device can be attributed to the unique microstructure of nanowire arrays. The wrapping of the nanowires by copper phthalocyanine forms heterojunctions with a larger dissociation area, which facilitated exciton dissociation and enhanced device performance. This work provides a promising example for optimizing the performance of nanowire devices.

Keywords: heterojunction; nanostructure; nanowire array; perovskite; photodetector.