In-vivo measurement of radio frequency electric fields in mice brain

Biosens Bioelectron X. 2023 Sep;14:100328. doi: 10.1016/j.biosx.2023.100328. Epub 2023 Mar 11.


With the development of novel technologies, radio frequency (RF) energy exposure is expanding at various wavelengths and power levels. These developments necessitate updated approaches of RF measurements in complex environments, particularly in live biological tissue. Accurate dosimetry of the absorbed RF electric fields (E-Fields) by the live tissue is the keystone of environmental health considerations for this type of ever-growing non-ionizing radiation energy. In this study, we introduce a technique for direct in-vivo measurement of electric fields in living tissue. Proof of principle in-vivo electric field measurements were conducted in rodent brains using Bismuth Silicon Oxide (BSO) crystals exposed to varying levels of RF energy. Electric field measurements were calibrated and verified using in-vivo temperature measurements using optical temperature fibers alongside electromagnetic field simulations of a transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell.

Keywords: BSO crystal; Dosimetry; Electric field; Electrooptic probe; Environmental health; Radio frequency.