Microwave-assisted commercial copper-catalyzed aerobic oxidative synthesis of AChE quinazolinone inhibitors under solvent free conditions

RSC Adv. 2023 Sep 18;13(39):27657-27662. doi: 10.1039/d3ra05739a. eCollection 2023 Sep 8.


A facile and green one-pot synthesis of AChE quinazolinone inhibitors was developed using microwave irradiation under solvent free conditions. Quinazolinones were synthesized from 2-aminobenzamide derivatives and various alcohols such as benzyl alcohol derivatives and butanol using economical commercially available copper as a catalyst in the presence of base, Cs2CO3. The desired products were achieved in moderate to high yields with up to 92% isolated yield. These quinazolinone products were then evaluated for acetylcholinesterase inhibition so that they can be developed as promising anti-acetylcholinesterase agents.