Neuroimaging Approach: Effects of Hot and Cold Germinated Wheat Beverages on Electroencephalographic (EEG) Activity of the Human Brain

Foods. 2023 Sep 20;12(18):3493. doi: 10.3390/foods12183493.


Neuroimaging studies using electroencephalography (EEG) have been crucial in uncovering brain activity in sensory perception, emotion regulation, and decision-making. Despite tea's global popularity, its temperature-related neural basis remains underexplored. This study investigated the effect of hot and cold germinated wheat beverages (HB and CB) in changes of brain waves using EEG. Four distinct approaches and topographical assessments were performed to gain deeper insights into the impact of EEG signals in the human brain. The four approaches showed different impacts of HB and CB intake, as all EEG spectral powers increased after drinking HB and decreased after consumption of CB. Significant increases in delta and theta waves were observed as a result of drinking HB, but significant decreases in alpha and beta waves were observed after drinking CB. The topographic maps illustrate the significant effects of HB more prominently than those of CB, displaying greater changes in delta, theta, and beta. These findings suggest the intake of HB is probably related to relaxation, calmness, mindfulness and concentration, while the intake of CB is related to alertness, attention, and working memory. Ultimately, the neuroscientific approaches provided in this study could advance consumer-based research on beverage consumption.

Keywords: brain waves; consumption; electroencephalography; germinated wheat beverage.