Cultural Competency Models at the End of Life

Cancer Treat Res. 2023:187:17-23. doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-29923-0_2.


This chapter examines the need and importance of cultural competency in providing End of Life care. The United States is diverse in culture. As we evolve into a multiethnic society, our healthcare providers must be able to manage this shift in establishing and providing care that is culturally appropriate and effective. Americans have the rights to provide autonomy and independent decision-making related to their healthcare; however, these core values may not align with ethnic and culturally diverse groups in the United States. Conflicts often lead to health disparities and resulting in care that is fragmented and inadequate. The difference in values result in improper management and miscommunication with patients and families that significantly affect care, especially during end-of-life.

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