Large Area Kidney Imaging for Pre-transplant Evaluation using Real-Time Robotic Optical Coherence Tomography

Res Sq. 2023 Oct doi: 10.21203/ Preprint


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution imaging modality that can be used to image microstructures of human kidneys. These images can be analyzed to evaluate the viability of the organ for transplantation. However, current OCT devices suffer from insufficient field-of-view, leading to biased examination outcomes when only small portions of the kidney can be assessed. Here we present a robotic OCT system where an OCT probe is integrated with a robotic manipulator, enabling wider area spatially-resolved imaging. With the proposed system, it becomes possible to comprehensively scan the kidney surface and provide large area parameterization of the microstructures. We verified the probe tracking accuracy with a phantom as 0.0762±0.0727 mm and demonstrated its clinical feasibility by scanning ex vivo kidneys. The parametric map exhibits fine vasculatures beneath the kidney surface. Quantitative analysis on the proximal convoluted tubule from the ex vivo human kidney yields highly clinical-relevant information.

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