A case of renomedullary interstitial cell tumor: Radiologic-pathologic correlation

Radiol Case Rep. 2023 Oct 18;18(12):4574-4579. doi: 10.1016/j.radcr.2023.09.072. eCollection 2023 Dec.


Renomedullary interstitial cell tumor (RMICT), referred to as a medullary fibroma, is almost always asymptomatic and incidentally identified either at autopsy or upon resection of the kidney for other reasons. Although a few cases of RMICTs that are large in size and clinically symptomatic have been reported, there are few reports of RMICTs contrasting imaging findings with pathological findings. In this report, we describe a relatively large RMICT case of 3 cm in size, focusing on the radiologic-pathologic correlation.

Keywords: Medullary fibroma; Renal tumor; Renomedullary interstitial cell tumor.

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  • Case Reports