Navigating Evidence, Challenges, and Caution in the Treatment of Stimulant Use Disorders

Brain Sci. 2023 Oct 6;13(10):1416. doi: 10.3390/brainsci13101416.


Amidst the opioid epidemic, harm reduction-oriented approaches have gained traction, including interventions that focus on prescribing pharmaceutical-grade psychoactive substances, such as opioids, instead of illicit versions, intending to mitigate fatal overdose risks arising from the variability in potency and additives found in illicit drugs. Stimulants have increasingly been found in the victims of opioid overdoses, further prompting some to argue for the prescription of stimulant medications for individuals with stimulant use disorders. Yet, the evidence supporting this practice remains insufficient. In this communication, we critically examine the existing evidence, challenges, and cautions surrounding the treatment of stimulant use disorder.

Keywords: addiction; stimulant.