Dermoscopic Patterns of Genodermatoses: A Comprehensive Analysis

Biomedicines. 2023 Oct 6;11(10):2717. doi: 10.3390/biomedicines11102717.


(1) Background: Genodermatoses are a clinically and genetically heterogenous group of inherited skin disorders. Diagnosing inherited skin diseases is a challenging task due to their rarity and diversity. Dermoscopy is a non-invasive, easily accessible, and rapid tool used in dermatology not only for diagnostic processes but also for monitoring therapeutic responses. Standardized terminologies have been published for its proper use, reproducibility, and comparability of dermoscopic terms. (2) Methods: Here, we aimed to investigate dermoscopic features in various genodermatoses by conducting a systematic review and comparing its results to our own findings, data of patients diagnosed with genodermatoses at the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Dermatooncology, Semmelweis University. (3) Results: Our systematic search provided a total of 471 articles, of which 83 reported both descriptive and metaphoric dermoscopic terminologies of 14 genodermatoses. The literature data were then compared to the data of 119 patients with 14 genodermatoses diagnosed in our department. (4) Conclusion: Dermoscopy is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of genodermatoses, especially when symptoms are mild. To enable the use of dermoscopy as an auxiliary diagnostic method, existing standardized terminologies should be extended to more genodermatoses.

Keywords: BCC; acantholytic; angiokeratoma; dermoscopy; genodermatosis; ichthyosis; neurofibroma; pseudoxanthoma elasticum; skin cancer; tuberous sclerosis complex.

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  • Review