Homotypic antibodies target novel E glycoprotein domains after natural DENV 3 infection/vaccination

Cell Host Microbe. 2023 Nov 8;31(11):1850-1865.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.chom.2023.10.004. Epub 2023 Oct 30.


The envelope (E) glycoprotein is the primary target of type-specific (TS) neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) after infection with any of the four distinct dengue virus serotypes (DENV1-4). nAbs can be elicited to distinct structural E domains (EDs) I, II, or III. However, the relative contribution of these domain-specific antibodies is unclear. To identify the primary DENV3 nAb targets in sera after natural infection or vaccination, chimeric DENV1 recombinant encoding DENV3 EDI, EDII, or EDIII were generated. DENV3 EDII is the principal target of TS polyclonal nAb responses and encodes two or more neutralizing epitopes. In contrast, some were individuals vaccinated with a DENV3 monovalent vaccine-elicited serum TS nAbs targeting each ED in a subject-dependent fashion, with an emphasis on EDI and EDIII. Vaccine responses were also sensitive to DENV3 genotypic variation. This DENV1/3 panel allows the measurement of serum ED TS nAbs, revealing differences in TS nAb immunity after natural infection or vaccination.

Keywords: RNA; antibody; dengue virus; immunity; monoclonal; natural infection; polyclonal; sera; structural targets; vaccine.

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