Isolation, draft genome sequence, and identification of Paenibacillus glycanilyticus subsp. hiroshimensis CCS26

J Genomics. 2023 Sep 25:11:48-51. doi: 10.7150/jgen.87229. eCollection 2023.


To isolate the useful strain for fermentation to produce bioactive compounds, we screened oligotrophic bacteria, and then strain CCS26 was isolated from leaf soil collected in Japan. This strain was capable of growth on low-nutrient medium. To elucidate the taxonomy of strain CCS26, we determined the 16S rRNA gene and draft genome sequences, respectively. A phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that strain CCS26 clustered with Paenibacillus species. The draft genome sequence of strain CCS26 consisted of a total of 90 contigs containing 6,957,994 bp, with a GC content of 50.8% and comprising 6,343 predicted coding sequences. Based on analysis of the average nucleotide identity with the draft genome sequence, the strain was identified as P. glycanilyticus subsp. hiroshimensis CCS26.

Keywords: 16S rRNA; Average nucleotide identity; Draft genome sequence; Oligotroph; Paenibacillus.