Circulating biomarkers in perioperative management of cancer patients

Precis Clin Med. 2023 Jun 30;6(3):pbad018. doi: 10.1093/pcmedi/pbad018. eCollection 2023 Sep.


Owing to the advances in surgical technology, most solid tumours can be controlled by surgical excision. The priority should be tumour control, while some routine perioperative management might influence cancer progression in an unnoticed way. Moreover, it is increasingly recognized that effective perioperative management should include techniques to improve postoperative outcomes. These influences are elucidated by the different functions of circulating biomarkers in cancer patients. Here, circulating biomarkers with two types of clinical functions were reviewed: (i) circulating biomarkers for cancer progression monitoring, for instance, those related to cancer cell malignancy, tumour microenvironment formation, and early metastasis, and (ii) circulating biomarkers with relevance to postoperative outcomes, including systemic inflammation, immunosuppression, cognitive dysfunction, and pain management. This review aimed to provide new perspectives for the perioperative management of patients with cancer and highlight the potential clinical translation value of circulating biomarkers in improving outcomes.

Keywords: circulating biomarker; perioperative medication; perioperative outcome; precision oncology.

Publication types

  • Review