Revolutionizing Dental Care: A Comprehensive Review of Artificial Intelligence Applications Among Various Dental Specialties

Cureus. 2023 Oct 14;15(10):e47033. doi: 10.7759/cureus.47033. eCollection 2023 Oct.


Since the beginning of recorded history, the human brain has been one of the most intriguing structures for scientists and engineers. Over the centuries, newer technologies have been developed based on principles that seek to mimic their functioning, but the creation of a machine that can think and behave like a human remains an unattainable fantasy. This idea is now known as "artificial intelligence". Dentistry has begun to experience the effects of artificial intelligence (AI). These include image enhancement for radiology, which improves the visibility of dental structures and facilitates disease diagnosis. AI has also been utilized for the identification of periapical lesions and root anatomy in endodontics, as well as for the diagnosis of periodontitis. This review is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the use of AI in modern dentistry's numerous specialties. The relevant publications published between March 1987 and July 2023 were identified through an exhaustive search. Studies published in English were selected and included data regarding AI applications among various dental specialties. Dental practice involves more than just disease diagnosis, including correlation with clinical findings and administering treatment to patients. AI cannot replace dentists. However, a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts and techniques will be advantageous in the future. AI models for dental applications are currently being developed.

Keywords: ai; artificial intelligence in dentistry; dentistry related articles; digital dentistry; endodontic infections.

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  • Review