Early Discharge for Revision Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty: Predictors of Success

J Arthroplasty. 2024 May;39(5):1298-1303. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2023.11.008. Epub 2023 Nov 14.


Background: The rate of revision total joint arthroplasties is expected to increase drastically in the near future. Given the recent pandemic, there has been a general push toward early discharge. This study aimed to assess for predictors of early postoperative discharge after revision total knee arthroplasty (rTKA) and revision total hip arthroplasty (rTHA).

Methods: There were 77 rTKA and 129 rTHA collected between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021. Demographic data, comorbidities, a comorbidity index, the modified frailty index (mFI-5), and surgical history were collected. The Common Procedural Terminology codes for each case were assessed. Patients were grouped into 2 cohorts, early discharge (length of stay [LOS] <24 hours) and late discharge (LOS >24 hours).

Results: In the rTHA cohort, age >65 years, a history of cardiac or liver disease, an mFI-5 of >1, a comorbidity index of >2.7, a surgical time >122 minutes, and the need for a transfusion were predictors of prolonged LOS. Only the presence of a surgical time of >63 minutes or an mFI-5 >1 increased patient LOS in the rTKA cohort. In both rTHA and rTKA patients, periprosthetic joint infection resulted in a late discharge for all patients, mean 4.8 and 7.1 days, respectively. Dual component revision was performed in 70.5% of rTHA. Only 27.6% of rTKA were 2-component revisions or placements of an antibiotic spacer.

Conclusions: Several patient and surgical factors preclude early discharge candidacy. For rTHA, an mFI-5 of >2/5, comorbidity index of >4, or a surgical time of >122 minutes is predictive of prolonged LOS. For rTKA, an mFI-5 of >2/5, Charlson Comorbidity Index of >5, or a surgical time of >63 minutes predicts prolonged LOS.

Keywords: bundled payment; length of stay; revision total hip arthroplasty; revision total knee arthroplasty; surgical time.

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