Knowledge and awareness assessment of bone loss and fracture risk after spinal cord injury

J Spinal Cord Med. 2023 Nov 17:1-7. doi: 10.1080/10790268.2023.2254445. Online ahead of print.


Methods: A cross-sectional analysis was conducted on a convenience sample of 138 adults with SCI, who completed a survey regarding knowledge and awareness of post-SCI bone health as part of a larger study. Self-reported demographic information and assessments of bone health knowledge were analyzed.

Results: Approximately 20% (n = 28) of participants had never heard of bone mineral density (BMD), 25% (n = 34) only vaguely remembered that BMD was mentioned during their hospitalization/rehabilitation after SCI, 36% (n = 50) clearly remembered that BMD was mentioned during their hospitalization/rehabilitation, and 17% (n = 24) reported having an individual or group education session on causes and management of low BMD during rehabilitation. Only 30% (n = 42) of participants believed they had adequate knowledge on the subject, while 70% (n = 96) believed their knowledge was inadequate or were unsure. Most participants (73%, n = 101) reported being concerned about the risks of low BMD after SCI and were interested in learning more about prevention (76%, n = 105) and treatment options (78%, n = 108).

Conclusions: While results suggest that most participants received some information regarding bone health in post-SCI care, over 70% of participants reported wanting more information about bone loss prevention and treatment, indicating bone health education is a patient priority in this population.

Keywords: Bone loss; Education; Knowledge; Spinal cord injury.