Nectandrin B significantly increases the lifespan of Drosophila - Nectandrin B for longevity

Aging (Albany NY). 2023 Nov 19;15(22):12749-12762. doi: 10.18632/aging.205234. Epub 2023 Nov 19.


Phytochemicals are increasingly recognized in the field of healthy aging as potential therapeutics against various aging-related diseases. Nutmeg, derived from the Myristica fragrans tree, is an example. Nutmeg has been extensively studied and proven to possess antioxidant properties that protect against aging and alleviate serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease. However, the specific active ingredient in nutmeg responsible for these health benefits has not been identified thus far. In this study, we present evidence that Nectandrin B (NecB), a bioactive lignan compound isolated from nutmeg, significantly extended the lifespan of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster by as much as 42.6% compared to the control group. NecB also improved age-related symptoms including locomotive deterioration, body weight gain, eye degeneration, and neurodegeneration in aging D. melanogaster. This result represents the most substantial improvement in lifespan observed in animal experiments to date, suggesting that NecB may hold promise as a potential therapeutic agent for promoting longevity and addressing age-related degeneration.

Keywords: Myristica fragrans; Nectandrin B; lifespan; longevity; nutmeg.

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