Neurones With Strong Inhibitory S-cone Inputs in the Macaque Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

Vision Res. 1986;26(7):1061-4. doi: 10.1016/0042-6989(86)90040-4.


Neurons with strong inhibitory short-wavelength sensitive cone (S-cone) inputs have been identified in the macaque geniculate using a tritanopic confusion line test, i.e. by stimulation with equiluminous stimuli which leave excitations of long- and middle-wavelength sensitive cones (L- and M-cones) constant while differentially exciting S-cones. Mathematical simulation of the responses of these cells, using known spectral sensitivities of the cone receptors, demonstrates that they receive excitation from M-cones, inhibition from S-cones, and little or no inhibition from L-cones. Excitatory and inhibitory pools are largely spatially coextensive.

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