Stretchable Electronics with Strain-Resistive Performance

Small. 2024 Mar;20(11):e2306749. doi: 10.1002/smll.202306749. Epub 2023 Dec 11.


Stretchable electronics have attracted tremendous attention amongst academic and industrial communities due to their prospective applications in personal healthcare, human-activity monitoring, artificial skins, wearable displays, human-machine interfaces, etc. Other than mechanical robustness, stable performances under complex strains in these devices that are not for strain sensing are equally important for practical applications. Here, a comprehensive summarization of recent advances in stretchable electronics with strain-resistive performance is presented. First, detailed overviews of intrinsically strain-resistive stretchable materials, including conductors, semiconductors, and insulators, are given. Then, systematic representations of advanced structures, including helical, serpentine, meshy, wrinkled, and kirigami-based structures, for strain-resistive performance are summarized. Next, stretchable arrays and circuits with strain-resistive performance, that integrate multiple functionalities and enable complex behaviors, are introduced. This review presents a detailed overview of recent progress in stretchable electronics with strain-resistive performances and provides a guideline for the future development of stretchable electronics.

Keywords: material engineering; strain-resistance; stretchable electronics; structural engineering; system integration.

Publication types

  • Review