Fungal skin for robots

Biosystems. 2024 Jan:235:105106. doi: 10.1016/j.biosystems.2023.105106. Epub 2023 Dec 19.


Advancements in mycelium technology, stemming from fungal electronics and the development of living mycelium composites and skins, have opened new avenues in the fusion of biological and artificial systems. This paper explores an experimental endeavour that successfully incorporates living, self-regenerating, and reactive Ganoderma sessile mycelium into a model cyborg figure, creating a bio-cybernetic entity. The mycelium, cultivated using established techniques, was homogeneously grown on the cyborg model's surface, demonstrating robust reactivity to various stimuli such as light exposure and touch. This innovative merger points towards the future of sustainable biomaterials and the potential integration of these materials into new and existing technologies.

Keywords: Bio-electronics; Bio-wearables; Electrical activity; Fungi; Spiking.

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  • Biocompatible Materials
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  • Biocompatible Materials